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There are many different types of business-related contracts. Some are for the manufacture, purchase or sale of property, others are for services. Contract mediation provides a quick, inexpensive, and private way of resolving any type of contractual dispute.

How does it work?

Upon the request of one party to a contract, Out-of-Court Solutions contacts the other party(s) and explains the mediation process, invites them to participate, and arranges the mediation.

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with the mediator explaining certain rules and procedures, and asking each party to share their individual perspective, concerns, and goals. The mediator then meets with parties in a series of joint and separate conferences in which the mediator facilitates communication, offers different options and alternatives for settlement, and provides legal, financial, and tax information. Upon resolution, the mediator prepares a written agreement detailing the decisions made by the parties.

What are the benefits of contract mediation?

Saves Time. Litigation or arbitration of contract disputes with adversarial lawyers is likely to take from six months to three years. Contract mediation takes place within weeks, and most disputes are fully resolved in one or two days.

Saves Money. Mediation is inexpensive compared to using two separate adversarial lawyers. Most parties save thousand of dollars.

Private and Confidential. Anything that occurs during mediation is strictly private and confidential. Public disclosure is prohibited.

Control. The parties keep control in mediation; they don’t surrender it to a judge or lawyers. The parties may choose to involve lawyers – but as consultants not combatants.

Why use a professional mediator?

It’s difficult to see the picture when you’re inside the frame.”  (R.S. Trapp.)

As objective and experienced neutrals, mediators at Out-of-Court Solutions foster effective communication, respectful negotiations, greater understanding, informed decision-making, and constructive problem-solving.




"We would like
to express our
for the way you
handled our
recent mediation. 
We believe
all parties
would agree
that you exerted
a great deal
of energy
and enthusiasm
in finding a
solution, and
that your
were balanced,
fair and
at all times. 
Talent such
as yours will
surely enhance
the use of alternative
dispute resolution
over litigation
in the future. 
We will not
hesitate to
your services."
Steven M. Gitt, M.D.,
Martin L. Bell,
 M.D., J.D.,
North Valley
Plastic Surgery

"Dr Ross is an
extremely effective
mediator...His ability
to intuitively sense
that which has
gone unsaid and
to sensitively
utilize this
information to
assist the parties
in reaching a
mutually acceptable
settlement is the
best I have ever
had the privilege
to work with." 
Bob Oberstein, M.S.,
Ottawa University

"Recently I had the opportunity to experience first hand the benefits of independent mediation to resolve a business dispute.  I must say the results were gratifying...  Out-of-Court Solutions handled the mediation process with utmost professionalism and total integrity.
Byron L. Walker, President, Odyssey Transportation

"I am writing to thank you again for all of your help to bring our crises to an end... You professionally handled the lawyers as well as us, the clients, and found closure for us both.  If you could solve a hopeless situation such as ours, you can solve anything."  Pat Foster, Vice-President, Pete's Fish & Chips, Inc.

"This letter serves to compliment your on the handling of my company's case with one of our clients.  I not only believe both parties came away satisfied with the results but I believe the process and you handling of the case should allow us to maintain the business relationship we had prior to disagreement."  David G. Topolski, President, Temporary Team Employment Services, Inc.