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Suzette Pintard JD

After nearly twenty years as an attorney, Suzette Pintard began the practice of mediation and study of psychology in January of 2001. She is an experienced trial lawyer, child advocate, and Justice Court Mediator. She combines her life experiences, including divorce, with her professional background to help people resolve disputes quickly, inexpensively, and smoothly in terms of emotional stress and strain.

Suzette is dedicated to promoting the best interests of children. She began advocating for children when she worked as a physical therapist in a school for children with disabilities.

 Her decision to become a lawyer resulted from seeing the lives of the children transformed by a federal law mandating their public education.

As a Maricopa County Deputy Public Defender, Suzette represented the interests of children (as well as adults). In Juvenile Court, Suzette advocated and mediated numerous disputes involving the rights and interests of children. She has been appointed by the Superior Court to serve as the guardian ad litem for children in divorce and custody proceedings.

Suzette has been a speaker at guardian ad litem seminars sponsored by the State Bar of Arizona and the Maricopa County Juvenile Court. She is a member of the Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators, the Arizona Dispute Resolution Association, the Association for Conflict Resolution, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of the State Bar of Arizona.


Oliver Ross, JD, PhD






“Sometimes couples cannot resolve their differences and decide to divorce. This is often a painful decision that can create a great deal of animosity and bitterness. I have referred couples to Out-of-Court Solutions because of my confidence in their ability to help couples come to new terms in their relationship in a compassionate, impartial and efficient way.”  Jonathon Brooks, Ph.D.

“As part of my counseling practice I have referred a number of clients to Out of Court Solutions over the past several years and without exception I have received positive reports regarding their effectiveness and professionalism.”  Thomas M. Mitchell, Ph.D., C.P.C.

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Gary Frank, Attorney