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Oliver Ross, JD, PhD

Oliver Ross has established a reputation as the premier mediator for resolving divorce, family, employment and other interpersonal disputes. He utilizes his diverse career background and life experiences to help reduce hostility and resolve conflicts quickly and inexpensively. Since 1995 he has mediated over 1,200 family, divorce and workplace disputes.

Dr. Ross is uniquely qualified as a professional mediator.  He is admitted to practice law in California (not Arizona), was a trial attorney from 1969 to 1988, operated a family business until 1992, and earned a doctorate in behavioral psychology in 1994.

He is a select member of the Maricopa County Superior Court Family Mediation Roster,  President Elect of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution, and has achieved the prominent status of Advanced Practitioner Member of the national Association for the Conflict Resolution.

Oliver is also an approved mediator for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Arizona Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Securities Dealers.

Oliver Ross conducts mediation and conflict resolution trainings for other mediators, private industry, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies. His book, “Situational Mediation: Sensible Conflict Resolution,” has received wide acclaim.





"Over the last four to five years I have referred several couples to Out-of-Court Solutions, who in their counseling decided they needed to end their marriage. These couples have reported to me  that they were so grateful for Dr. Ross's sensitivity and professional expertise. They said he was able to mediate their differences fairly and without the huge expenses of having adversarial lawyers.”
Frank Powers, Ph.D.

“I want to acknowledge your effectiveness in the mediation process… You presented us with a process designed to protect the confidentiality of the parties and to encourage open and honest communication and problem solving… resulting in improved relationships which has enhanced our effectiveness as a management team.” Charles D. Burtner, District Director, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

"We would like
to express our
for the way you
handled our
recent mediation.  We believe
all parties
would agree
that you exerted
a great deal
of energy
and enthusiasm
in finding a
solution, and
that your
were balanced,
fair and
at all times. 
Talent such
as yours will
surely enhance
the use of alternative
dispute resolution over litigation
in the future. 
We will not
hesitate to
your services." 
Steven M. Gitt, M.D.,
Martin L. Bell, M.D., J.D.,
North Valley Plastic Surgery

“Mr. Ross is a very skillful, and effective family  mediator. My family law clients have benefited tremendously by using Out-of-Court Solutions to mediate their family divorce issues. The benefits are threefold: substantially lower overall costs (versus litigation), developing mutually beneficial and creative solutions for parents and spouses; and finally, minimizing tension, anxiety and conflict. I highly recommend his mediation service”
Robert L. Baumann Attorney

"Dr Ross is an
extremely effective
mediator...His ability to intuitively sense that which has
gone unsaid and to sensitively
utilize this
information to
assist the parties in reaching a
mutually acceptable
settlement is the best I have ever had the privilege to work with." 
Bob Oberstein, M.S.,
Ottawa University

“I have referred many clients to Oliver Ross for mediation and have consistently received great feedback. Most say that Dr. Ross is compassionate, fair and thorough in all of his work. Some have said that he has had a remarkable calming effect on their relationship. I now encourage everyone who might be considering divorce to call Oliver first!”  Dennis Hunter, Ph.D.

“Oliver was pivotal in allowing us to successfully address the workplace and personal stress that conflict creates…we were given practical tools for dealing with a wide variety of workplace conflict issues…. I enthusiastically recommend Out-of-Court Solutions for any mediation or conflict need.” Neal Beets, Mesa City Attorney

“I truly can say that when recommending mediators to my clients and other attorneys, Oliver Ross is at the top of my list. It is rare to have clients call later and thank me for a referral but this is exactly what happens when I send people his way.” 
Gary Frank, Attorney

“Sometimes couples cannot resolve their differences and decide to divorce. This is often a painful decision that can create a great deal of animosity and bitterness. I have referred couples to Out-of-Court Solutions because of my confidence in their ability to help couples come to new terms in their relationship in a compassionate, impartial and efficient way.”  Jonathon Brooks, Ph.D.

"Dr. Ross's background gives him a variety of practical yet imaginative solutions to facilitate mediation... We found Dr. Ross's style of mediation to be most effective in dealing with health care concerns that are often laden with emotions." Nancy Lane, RN, Health Services Advisory Group Inc.

“As part of my counseling practice I have referred a number of clients to Dr. Ross over the past several years and without exception I have received positive reports regarding his effectiveness and professionalism.”  Thomas M. Mitchell, Ph.D., C.P.C.

“Oliver is a very skillful, thoughtful mediator. He understands the pain of divorce and works to support people through this process with dignity and respect.” 
Sandy Jardine, M.S., C.P.C.

“I have on more than one occasion referred clients to Oliver Ross... It did not surprise me that I have received excellent feedback about his services. Situations were resolved to the satisfaction of both individuals and they were impressed with Oliver's skill and empathy. Dr Ross is my first choice for any divorce mediation.” 
Mark Loeser, MA, Family Counselor.